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Why choose 100% for classroom lighting renovation

2021-08-13 Read:0

What is a classroom smart light? Why choose 100% for classroom lighting renovation?

At present, most of China's school classroom light environment is relatively backward, the classroom illumination is low, glare, often strobe, light color is not good, easy to cause visual fatigue, endanger visual health. Education lighting industry is relatively backward, need to have the strength of the enterprise to join, with the national policy, hand in hand with the implementation of schools to improve the school classroom light environment.

As a responsible and responsible lighting company, first of all, it should have professional education lighting product development capabilities; secondly, it has strict requirements in production process and quality control; finally, it also needs to have the comprehensive strength of steady development and strong innovation ability and a strong sense of social responsibility in order to become a qualified education lighting company. One hundred percent of technology has been committed to creating healthy green lighting over the years, in creating a suitable light environment for children, one hundred percent has very sufficient experience and ability. For the education lighting industry, one hundred percent technology has sufficient confidence to "build a leading brand in the education lighting industry" as the goal, based on the product, detailed market, together to promote the education lighting industry progress.

At the same time, one hundred percent technology based on the domestic market to actively expand the international market, products are exported to Europe, America, Japan, Korea and Southeast Asia and other regions. Domestic sales network has spread to more than 20 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the Central Government, has established 48 offices, more than 3800 distribution network, more than 200 professional after-sales service providers.

In recent years, one hundred percent is also in the joint national departments and associations to promote the standardization of educational lighting construction. In education lighting, one hundred percent technology has been exploring, and the achievements so far are.

First, in accordance with national standards for product-related standards certification, products are in line with national 3C safety certification standards, energy-saving product certification certificate, high-tech products in Guangdong Province certificate.

Second, combined with the actual application of classroom lighting, we have applied for a variety of utility model patent certificates on new LED lights, LED intelligent classroom chalkboard lights, anti-glare LED chalkboard lights, etc..

Third, the classroom lighting transformation cases: 100% of the educational lighting products have been very mature, and have been used in many areas of Guangdong some elementary school. There are 81 schools in Yuexiu District, Guangzhou (127 campuses), 27 schools in Huangpu District, Guangzhou, Guangdong Experimental Middle School, Chongqing Shanghai Middle School, Changsha Experimental Middle School, Guangzhou No.2 Middle School, Guangzhou Foreign Language School, Beijing Changping No.1 Middle School and more than 100 schools. The schools using 100% education lighting products have all passed the third-party on-site measurement and acceptance by national testing institutions, and the classroom light environment indicators have met or exceeded the national standard requirements. They are well received by teachers and students. For the next primary and secondary schools in Guangdong Province, the classroom lighting reconstruction project has laid the foundation, will also create a more high-quality nurturing environment, which will help students' healthy growth.

Fourth, the new adjustable intelligent classroom light: the new adjustable intelligent classroom light can be divided into class mode, projection mode, activity mode, self-study mode, examination mode and class meeting mode. Each mode can be based on different scenes, single light or overall brightness adjustment and switch control. After professional design, the lamp arrangement and setting can fully meet the requirements of relevant national illumination standards.

In the future, 100 percent will adhere to the product as the core, strengthen the investment in research and development, to develop a healthier, more eye protection, more energy-saving and environmentally friendly intelligent quality light environment and efforts. In the marketing promotion, one hundred percent will promote the "bright classroom" action at the same time, the Guangdong market as the core, the layout of the national educational lighting market.

The future of education lighting, opportunities and challenges coexist. In the national vigorous promotion, I believe that educational lighting will take a new step. The market is always intricate and complex, and will be accompanied by many risks. I believe that with the joint efforts of many lighting companies, the future of educational lighting will be bright.

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