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Radar sensor waterproof garage light parameter specifications

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Name: Radar sensor waterproof garage light

Working voltage: AC90-265V/ 50Hz

Rated power: 36W always bright/6W±10% slightly bright

Product color temperature: 6000-6500K

Delay time: 15-25S

Induction distance: 5-8m

Lighting mode: full bright to slightly bright

Power factor: ≥0.8

LED light efficiency: 120Lm/W

Product size: 1200mm

Protection level: IP65

Installation method: wall mounting, hoisting

Using the principle of Doppler effect, each lighting LED tri-proof lights in the parking lot is individually controlled, no vehicles in and out, all LED tri-proof lights are in a slightly bright state, each LED tri-proof lights slightly bright state power consumption 6W, not only to meet the brightness requirements of security monitoring lighting, but also to a large extent to save electricity. When there is a vehicle personnel in and out, the corresponding area of the radar induction lamp is fully lit, power 36W, brightness up to 100W ordinary lamp brightness, convenient for owners to park, car or person in the induction area activities, intelligent LED fluorescent tube has been kept always on, when the car or person left the induction area about 30 seconds (adjustable 30S-60S), intelligent LED fluorescent lamp automatically re-enter the slightly bright state, the Power 6W.

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