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Crash test lighting-professional car test lighting

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Specializing in lighting projects, such as airbag point explosion test lighting / vehicle crash test lighting / vehicle test lighting / high-speed camera fill light lighting / vehicle laboratory lighting.

1 LED lights can be independently controlled off manually or automatically, the lighting system can accept a passive switch signal from the system is automatically lit, the signal is disconnected then the lights are automatically turned off.

2 Adjustable color temperature, illumination, range

3 Each light is equipped with ground movable light bracket, height adjustable from the ground

4 The size of the light bracket is adjustable

5 comes with light control software

Widely used in automotive testing laboratories, sunlight simulation experiments, steady-state simulation experiments, full-spectrum simulation experiments, whole vehicle sunlight simulation, parts sunlight simulation, high-speed photography lighting system, airbag point explosion experiments and many other experimental lights.

We have our own R & D team and mature products, technical support from university doctors, and can customize according to actual technical requirements

Can receive the national lighting project, with long-term experience in laboratory lighting projects.

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