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LED Grow Light Characteristics

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Our products

- are engineered with patented Lights&Lighting technology that produces exactly the right wavelengths to drive photosynthesis and ensure a healthy growth of plants

- are equipped with highly efficient LEDs, that produce much more photosynthetically active radiation per watt than other light sources

- are splashproof and dampproof, so that splash water and high humidity cannot damage the devices or endanger the user

- can be customized to match your needs, for example, most lights are available with various beam angles

- have a very long lifetime, which enables us to provide you with a long warranty

- have a low energy consumption, which enables you to cut costs and protect the environment

- allow you to increase your harvest, prevent diseases and control pests

Lights&Lighting' strategy

- Keep the know-how that we have accumulated over the years

- Hold the patents for our LED Grow Lights and our cooling technology

- Keep optimizing our processes, production methods and technology

Lights&Lighting' verification

- Lights&Lighting has its own laboratory and R&D center to test its product and to experiment with plant cultivation

- Lights&Lighting cooperates with horticultural laboratories and universities

- Products are supplied in Asia, Europa and North America

Our products can be used to grow...

- Flowering plants: chrysanthemum, rose, carnation, gypsophila, gerbera, lily, orchid, etc.

- Vegetables and leafy greens: tomato, bell pepper, red pepper, cucumber, spinach, lettuce, eggplant, pumpkin, carrot, ginger, radish, etc.

- Fruit: strawberry, watermelon, melon, fig, grape, tangerine, etc.

- Specialized crops: mushroom, ginseng, moss, codonopsis lanceolate, etc.

Lights&Lighting' wavelengths

Lights&Lighting Grow Lights: Boosting efficiency by using the right wavelengths

Plants cannot utilize all light equally well. Chlorophyll and the other pigments responsible for photosynthesis have a specific absorption spectrum. That means, light of certain wavelengths is absorbed to a larger degree than light of different wavelengths. Lights&Lighting products have been developed to produce exactly the right wavelengths to drive photosynthesis effectively. At the same time, our lights combine certain wavelengths to make full use of the Emerson effect and to provide the optimal conditions for growth, flowering and seed germination. Additionally, Lights&Lighting Lights can be used to control pests, like mosquitoes, flies and aphids, and prevent diseases, like powdery mildew.

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