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Beautiful lines and lights make the home full of art

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Line lights not only give a visual impact, there is a visual extension, so that the space of the gallery more profound, the height of the more open. Moreover, the soft light of line lights, light and dark changes make the space more three-dimensional, enhance the sense of hierarchy, can well create the overall home style atmosphere. OTL lighting small to popularize what is the line light.

Line light is a kind of flexible decorative lights, lighting shell using aluminum alloy beautiful, sturdy, because of its luminous as a line and named. It is a kind of light fixture that can be installed seamlessly on the wall or cabinet, with a variety of forms to meet the decorative needs of different scenes. For example, the living room, along the top of the ceiling a few ways, the ceiling and the main lights simply do not need more decoration, unique geometric shape, but also can make the living room three-dimensional sense and class to be greatly enhanced.

LED line light low energy consumption, long life, usually the service life of more than 50,000 hours. It can be used as a light supplement, together with the main light source. It brings out the sense of atmosphere and consumes less energy to open for a long time. Long and narrow corridors, the light itself is not good and also depressing, ordinary lighting can not meet the demand. The advantage of using line lights is that it can be scattered along the wall installation, the light source will not be concentrated in one location, while illuminating the space, but also has a delicate decorative effect, there is a feeling of instantly enhance the picture?

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