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Benefits of Updating an Aging Pool Lighting System

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Pool Lighting Upgrades

Most older pools typically use incandescent lights with bulbs similar to floodlights. While this can meet your safety needs for illuminating your pool after dark, it does nothing for the ambiance and can be a serious drain on your electricity. Upgrading your old pool lighting system offers many benefits that you can't afford to ignore.

We offer

Custom solutions using state-of-the-art technology

A wide range of pool lighting upgrades

Flexible design options

Cohesive lighting to enhance the entire area

Improved visibility and safety

Power savings through energy-efficient LED lighting

Expertise in unique wiring requirements for pools

Jandy automation system to control lighting from a computer or smartphone

Safety First

At night, a well-lit pool creates a unique atmosphere for all your poolside parties. Lighting is also installed to ensure safety, allowing swimmers and guests to clearly see everything from the edge of the pool all the way to the bottom. The lighting you choose should not only improve visibility, but also highlight transition areas such as stairs, diving boards and water features to enhance pool safety. modern immersion LED pool lights safely and more effectively illuminate the water than older incandescent bulbs.

Low power consumption

While it's cheaper to buy incandescent lights, upgrading to a more energy-efficient LED lighting system can reduce your electric bill. Incandescent lights can burn up to 500 watts of energy per hour; compare that to the 20 to 50 watts you'll enjoy with LED lights. Overall, eco-friendly LED pool lighting can save up to 85% of your electricity. This reduction can pay for upgrades in two years or less. LightsLighting offers energy efficient LED lights and offers a wide range of pool lighting upgrades.

Long Life & Limited Maintenance

Aging pool lighting systems are equipped with bulbs rated for approximately 1,000-2,000 hours of use, but Corbin's modern pool LED bulbs last much longer than incandescent, halogen or metal halide bulbs. LED bulbs can last up to 50,000 hours! This reduces maintenance time and costs by reducing the number of replacements. In addition, LED systems run cool and require no maintenance of any moving parts, such as some fiber optic lighting systems that require motors and color wheels.

Beautiful Results

In the past, all pool lighting was white, and then manufacturers made snap-on lenses to add color to incandescent bulbs. However, this limited color could not compete with the vibrant colors you find in LED lights. LightsLighting offers a wide selection of LEDs that can be easily upgraded, and these LEDs can be installed in niches that previously contained older incandescent bulbs. Plus, they come in a rich array of colors to enhance your outdoor experience and match the desired theme.

Call on Corbin

Let our friendly staff inspect your pool lighting system and suggest some upgrade options. Our licensed and bonded professional lighting and installation experts understand the unique electrical codes that apply to swimming pools and will work with you to find the best lighting for your needs. Give us a call today and let us light your pool in style!

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