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Precautions and steps for led strip light installation

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Strip lights, now is a common lighting products in home decoration, its fiber optic soft, easy to create a different fiber by changing its own play to go to the angle. For the installation of the LED strip light, Lights&lighting editorial to explain

A, the installation steps of the LED strip light

1, the required length of the LED strip light, to be well in advance, and to take the whole cut off. If it is 4.4 meters, it must take 5 meters, why? Because the light band is 1m a unit, only from the cut off, will not affect the circuit, if arbitrarily cut off, will cause a unit does not light.

2, the light with the interface plug can not reverse

The strip is not even LED diode, DC drive, so there are positive and negative, if the positive and negative connection is reversed, the strip does not light up, if the connection plug does not light up the power, you only need to disassemble the other end of the connection to the strip can be.

3, the correct placement of the strip

Most of the strip is the original packaging of the coil line, the newly unpacked strip will be distorted, bad installation, you can first sort out the flat, in the light slot can be placed.

As the strip is single-sided light, if placed unevenly will appear uneven light and dark phenomenon, especially at the corners must pay attention.

4. Pay attention to the installation environment

Most of the lights are installed in the ceiling around the slot, the dust in the slot must be cleaned up, because the dust is easy to cause open fire accidents when exposed to heat.

Second, the ceiling light with installation precautions

1, the whole volume of the strip is not unpacked or stacked into a mass, do not power on the strip, because the magnetic field brought by the coil is very strong, heat is also large, will cause a fire.

2, according to the installation length when cutting the strip, only at the printed scissors mark cut, otherwise it will cause one of the units do not light.

3, only the same specifications, the same voltage strip can be connected in series with each other, and the total length of the series must not exceed the maximum allowable length.

4, connected to the power supply or two lights in series, first to the left and right bend the head of the light, so that the light inside the wire exposed about 2-3mm, cut cleanly with scissors, do not leave burrs, and then connect with the male to avoid short circuit.

5, the lights in series with each other, each connected section, that is, try to light a section, in order to find out in time whether the positive and negative poles are connected to the wrong and each section of the light is consistent with the direction of the light shot.

Ceiling light installation steps 3 steps can be completed, of course, the installation should also pay attention to the norms, we should also pay attention to some of the above considerations to ensure a smooth installation, the last thing you need to pay attention to or safety issues, safety first. I believe that you have read the OTL lighting editorial, you can complete the installation of the ceiling LED strip light.

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