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LED Grow Light Comparison

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LED Grow Light
Other company's
LED Growlight
CFL lampHalogen lampIncandescent lamp
Grow efficiency95%85%8%15%12%
Power comsumption(W)~700W~600W20W50W~100W
life time100,000HR
Water Cooling
Dosing angle30~180 (adjustable)12018030180
Pest controlApplied pest controling wavelengths
Intensity of radiationReduces very slowly(semi conductor light)Reduces by heatReduces rapidly by timeReduces rapidly by timeReduces rapidly by time
Lamp heat

By heat release patent

Water cooling ~25℃
Danger of explosionNo explosionNo explosion
SpectrumConsistant Red, Blue,PurpleWhite, YellowWhiteLittle bit of RedRed
Mercury contains
(Environmental polution)
Electric shockNo danger of electric shockNo danger of electric shockELCB (Earth leakage circuit breaker) neededELCB (Earth leakage circuit breaker) neededELCB (Earth leakage circuit breaker) needed

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