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Swimming Lighting Pool Features and Pool Surrounds

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If your pool includes a spa, the ambiance and feel of this separate space can be greatly enhanced by different colored lighting from the rest of the pool. If the spa already has lighting and you just want to upgrade it, the remodel is simple (see above). But remember, you don't need a lot of wattage to illuminate it. If it doesn't already have lights installed, consider retrofitting with LED eye lights.

Water features such as water fountains, waterfalls, curtain falls, deck jets or walls are all magically enhanced by nighttime lighting. Underwater lighting in pools naturally enhances the ripple effect of flowing water. In addition, carefully placed above-ground spotlights, downlights and overhead lights - whether in trees, on walls, or on the ground or deck near a water feature - can greatly emphasize the dramatic effect at night.

Pool Feature LightingLikewise, if you're upgrading your pool lighting, don't neglect to upgrade the pool surroundings. Simple upward lights located under trees, shrubs or at the base of a wall or within a rockery create efficient mood lighting and evocative light and shadow visuals. Similarly, downlights can be used to illuminate seating areas or features around the pool, such as a gazebo or pergola, to create a subtle effect.

Evolution is defined as the improvement of the gene pool and life that becomes visible and illuminated over time. On the other hand, the evolution of pool lighting is defined as an improvement to the pool and your life, changing over time to make visible the way the pool and its surroundings are illuminated. Pool lighting has definitely evolved.

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