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What are the applications and distinctions of smart traffic led fill lights?

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What are the applications and distinctions of smart traffic led fill lights?

In the modern society where transportation is becoming more and more convenient, there are more and more vehicles, and the ensuing traffic hazards are becoming more and more serious. Here security monitoring has become the backbone of the construction of a safe city, LED fill light as an auxiliary tool for surveillance cameras, but also essential. The face of the market on the different names of fill light, many people are a little confused, do not know where the difference between them in the end. I will tell you how to choose and distinguish according to the actual needs.

In the field of traffic to the fill light is generally used together with the surveillance camera, the light source are led beads, with a long service life, low energy consumption, energy saving and other characteristics. Due to the different needs, divided into three kinds of fill light with capture function, simple fill light and infrared fill light; with capture function is generally used with the electronic police, called strobe light or flash, do not need to capture function is the constant light fill light and infrared fill light. In general, at the chokepoints, intersections, highways where the electronic police are installed, you need to use the fill light with the capture function. This time choose strobe fill light and flash, can synchronize the electronic police exposure capture, effective identification of vehicle license plate as well as the face. In places such as toll booths, neighborhoods, city entrances and exits, you generally only need the normal function of constant light fill light and infrared fill light. Always bright fill light is controlled by the built-in photosensitive source, can be turned on and off according to the surrounding environment, low illumination automatically open; infrared fill light is mainly used with black and white cameras, imaging is black and white. Overall, the fill light is divided into constant light, strobe, infrared three. The main role of the fill light is to improve the quality of imaging, in the case of low light makes the monitoring screen can be clear and crisp. In the actual demand, according to the role of surveillance cameras to choose the appropriate fill light is good, now on the market, most of the dome camera comes with fill light, the general gun will use fill light.

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