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Sunlight simulator, blue sky lights, feel the infinite blue sky

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Sunlight simulator, blue sky lights, feel the infinite blue sky in a limited space

Two Nobel Prizes in Physiology and Medicine spanning a century were awarded in 2017 to three U.S. scientists, Jeffrey C. Hall, Michael Rosbash and Michael W. Young, for their discoveries of "molecular mechanisms that control circadian rhythms," related to light health, a recent research hotspot in lighting. Young, who were awarded the prize for their discovery of the "molecular mechanisms that control circadian rhythms". The Danish physician Niels Ryberg Finsen was the recipient of the prize as early as 1903 for his pioneering contribution to the application of photoradiotherapy in the treatment of skin diseases. Today's science and technology are changing the way of life of human beings at an alarming rate. The excessive dependence on computers and smart devices, the uncontrolled landscape lighting in cities (not only the problem of light pollution), the light damage to human eyes, the disruption of the biological clock of the earth's life forms, and the increased risk of malignant diseases, have triggered a great concern for human health in the field of light and vision at home and abroad. This has led to a great concern for human health in the field of light and vision at home and abroad. Since scientists discovered the third type of human photoreceptor cells (ganglion cells ipRGC) and the new light source LED for general lighting, semiconductor lighting on human physiological rhythms and biological effects of the impact of today's academia and industry have become a hot issue of common concern, but also the design and application of light health of the human environment is urgent to break through the theoretical scientific issues.

The world's first LED luminaire with the best simulation of natural light by this principle was developed by Coelux, Italy, and the new LED luminaire "Misola" developed by Mitsubishi Electric was also put on the market.

The natural environment is a necessary physical condition for individual survival and development, and also has an important impact on people's mental health. Studies have found that light and sound in the natural environment have a positive effect on mental health. Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise with a focus on natural environment. The company focuses on researching the positive effect of natural environment on human psychology and rehabilitation, and how to use technology to simulate and improve the environment. We hope to use natural sound waves and light waves to design and create environments that have a positive impact on people's lives.

about Sunlight Simulator: Suzhou Jinyuante Natural developed its own sunlight simulator, which reproduces the visual appearance of natural light, the sky and the sun through the design of light paths and light sources, using infinite distance technology to create the feeling of infinite space, achieving a breakthrough in the sense of space in indoor architecture and creating a peaceful and stress-relieving atmosphere.

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