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Led bulbs have lower carbon emissions

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From 8:30pm to 9:30pm on March 27, more than 6,000 cities in more than 80 countries will spend an hour in darkness, not the darkness before the arrival of 2012, but the arrival of a new low-carbon world. The World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) expects that more than one billion people worldwide will share the beautiful "darkness" of the lights out tomorrow night. Although the lights are off for an hour, but for the Earth to do a big contribution, every saving 1 kWh of electricity, it reduces 1 kg of carbon dioxide and 0.03 kg of sulfur dioxide emissions.

"Earth Hour began in 2007 in Sydney, Australia, and in 2009, Earth Hour came to China, with nearly 10 cities, including Nanjing, participating in the event. Some hotels, cafes and many families joined Earth Hour, and some stores turned off their advertising light boxes and LED lights, and some western restaurants used candlelight. At the same time, people are gradually moving from ordinary lighting to LED lighting, which has better protection of energy and environment in the future.

Light-emitting diodes are certainly the favorite of environmentalists. Not only are they extremely long-lived, but they are also robust, small, and quick to switch on and off. The lighting technology developed from LEDs is extremely energy efficient, and more importantly, LED lighting has very low CO2 emissions. In addition, LED and power-saving bulbs are different, it does not contain mercury, when discarded as general waste disposal, will not cause special damage to the environment; not to mention that it is ten times longer than the power-saving LED bulb (Led bulb). This shows that LED is the best choice for environmental lighting.

LED bulbs are lit by the movement of electrons, its light is not so dazzling, and therefore not blinding. LED bulbs to light up the LED driver, its role is to provide a stable and reliable power supply to the LED bulb, so that LED bulbs more efficient, and can be compatible with other lighting devices, with the driver, LED bulbs can be used anywhere, and can even directly replace the halogen bulbs commonly used today.

The Hong Kong Applied Science and Technology Research Institute's LED lighting technology has been developed and mature, to promote environmental lighting to add a force. At present, ASTRI's integrated circuit group has for such as MR16LED bulbs and other general lighting facilities, the development of a set of small LED driver, the technology has been successfully transferred to the industry. It is expected that in the next few years, the market demand for LED lighting products will be multiplied.

LED bulb current can be regulated by two types of control methods - pulse width modulation (PWM) and pulse frequency modulation (PFM).

Replacing general lighting devices

Hong Kong Applied Science and Technology Research Institute's LED driver uses PFM to control the current of the bulb. The modulated current is controlled by a PFM controller, which not only ensures that the bulb is compatible with other electronic devices, but also reduces electromagnetic interference. In addition, ASTRI's LED driver also has several features.

(a) high efficiency and high volt input; (b) high accuracy; (c) dimmable; (d) with complete protection; (e) low cost.

Relative to the current lighting methods, LED lighting technology is more environmentally friendly, more energy efficient, more cost effective, and LED bulbs and other electronic devices compatible, I believe that LED bulbs (Led bulb) will become the future of lighting equipment is the choice.

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