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LED Grow light application

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Plant growth blooming,germination,immunity and etc..

Pest controls,tempts,disease prevents and cure.

Reautify environment(deodorize,purification water and gas)Auto control by using solar system.

Key challenges faced by agriculturists today

1. Environmental issues and food shortages caused by climate change

2. High energy costs

3. Necessity to diversify the production

4. Crop losses due to environmental issues

5. Strong global competition

Solutions provided by LED Grow Lights

1. Production within green houses and plant factories are less affected by climatic changes. A year-round production is possible.

2. LEDs make it possible to cut energy costs up to 80%

3. Almost all kinds of crops can be grown using LEDs

4. The production output can be increased while increasing efficiency

5. LEDs can increase the competitiveness of the horticulture industry

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