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Introduction and performance of LED Book Lights

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LED desk lamp (LED Book Lights), is the LED that is light-emitting diodes, as the light source of the desk lamp, LED is a solid-state semiconductor devices, it can directly convert electricity into light.

LED lighting, also known as solid-state lighting, as the third generation of lighting technology following incandescent and fluorescent lamps, with energy-saving, environmentally friendly, safe and reliable features, solid-state light source is the industry's most promising new light source to replace traditional lighting appliances in the next decade, representing the future of lighting technology. The development of new solid-state lighting is not only a revolution in the field of lighting, but also in line with the current government's "building a resource-saving and environmentally friendly society" requirements.

LED desk lamp (LED Book Lights) has the following advantages.

1, is an unprecedented revolution in the field of lighting

2, using a special process, high luminous efficiency and low attenuation

3, DC power supply, no strobe, no electromagnetic radiation

4, green environmental protection, energy efficient

5、 Solid light source, anti-mechanical vibration

6, long life, is dozens of times the traditional light source

7, good directional light source, lighting on demand

8, sufficient illumination, to meet your lighting needs

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