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How to install LED Swimming Pool Lights

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Are you installing pool lights for the first time, or do you have old lights that need an upgrade? Modern energy efficient pool lighting will brighten up your outdoor area while also reducing your electric bill.

Pool lighting helps ensure that your family and friends are safe around your pool, but the installation itself can be dangerous if not done by a qualified professional.

Why do I need pool lights?

The most important reason for installing pool lights is to improve safety around your pool, especially at night. Without proper lighting, people and pets can fall into the pool or be injured on the smooth poolside surface. Even with good lighting, children should not enter the pool or pool surroundings without supervision.

In addition to safety, pool lighting offers aesthetic benefits. When the sun goes down, carefully selected lighting can transform a summer pool. If you have a spa pool, the right lighting can enhance the therapeutic experience. Your pool lights can also extend to other areas of your garden, creating whatever ambiance you desire.

What types of pool lights are available?

Pool lights can be installed flush with the pool wall or protruding. While floodlights have a smoother surface, they don't produce as much illumination, so you may need to install more of them to achieve the brightness you want.

Since incandescent bulbs are no longer sold in Australia, today's pool owners have the choice of LED or halogen lights

LED pool lights are a more economical choice, being 3 to 5 times more energy efficient than halogen bulbs and lasting on average 10 times longer (50,000 hours) than halogen bulbs. They are also available in a wider range of colors, including color change sequences to make it easier to set the right hue in and around your pool.

Halogen lamps may be less efficient, but offer a brightness advantage. Their more intense light can illuminate the pool and surroundings more clearly, but the downside is that these bulbs also generate a lot of heat, which can melt the seals over time. This means they may have to be replaced annually.

How many lights do you need?

The number of lights you need depends on several factors. The main one is the size of your pool. You can calculate the required lighting level as 5.4 watts per square meter - so about 200 watts for an 8.5m x 4.5m pool.

A lighter colored pool will reflect more light and require less lighting than a darker pool. If your pool is irregularly shaped, with curves or corners hidden from view, separate lighting may be required.

Can I install my own pool lights?

Under the Electrical Safety Regulations 2002, you can only install pool lights in Australia if you are a licensed electrician. Working with electricity around water is a major safety hazard and requires training and experience.

You should also check that the pool lights you buy meet Australian standards.

How much do pool lights cost?

LED lights are usually more expensive per fixture than halogen lights, but you can save on your electricity bill and don't have to replace them as quickly. If you are buying a pool for the first time, check that the lights and other essentials are included in the pool package.

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