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Colored led display screen (Colored led display screen) introduction

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Adopting red, green and blue light-emitting tubes, each tube has 256 levels of gray to form 16,777,216 colors.

  Color LED display screen (Colored led display screen) control system's main features:

  Full color LED display screen system, using the latest LED technology and control technology, so that the color LED display price is lower, more stable performance, lower power consumption, higher unit resolution, more realistic and rich colors, less electronic components when the system is composed, making the failure rate reduced.

  Algorithm to achieve 256 levels of gray, the design uses a color shift "point-by-point dynamic color compensation technology" for the use of pure green or yellow-green tube production of color LED display screen (Colored led display screen), the technology so that the LED display screen color can maintain the original image of brilliant.

  Scanning field frequency of 240HZ or more, the screen is stable and flicker-free, in practice, with a camera to shoot the display, the image observed in the camera is very clear, there is no synchronous scrolling bar, if the scene has a television transmission, the display will not affect the picture quality of the broadcast screen.

  Luminous tube composition: virtual pixel 2 red + 1 pure green + 1 pure blue. Real pixel 1 red + 1 pure green + 1 pure blue

  Virtual pixel display control technology

  The control technology of the multiplexed pixel method is used to display images with four times more clarity than the real pixel display method with the same number of points, and the performance-to-price ratio is extremely high. The virtual pixel screen requires only 1∕4 of the area of the corresponding real pixel to display the same effect, and is the latest LED technology and control theory today.

  A. LED pixel decomposition principle

  LED pixel decomposition (also known as virtual pixel) technology, is the use of LED multiplexing technology, the same LED light-emitting tube, available adjacent LED light-emitting tube for 4 times the combination (under, under, left, right combination, see example), so that the use of the same LED light-emitting tube, you can indicate more pixels.

  B, LED pixel decomposition technology analysis

  Real pixel display mode and virtual pixel display mode display effect difference is as follows.

  LED light-emitting tube arrangement is different; real pixel display mode in the red, blue, green light-emitting tubes (three primary colors) close to each other to form a real pixel point, by the real pixel point constitutes a dot matrix display; virtual pixel display mode in the red, blue, green light-emitting tubes equal distance uniform distribution, each LED light-emitting tube constitutes a virtual pixel point.

  Virtual pixel display method in each LED light tube (virtual pixel point) with the surrounding LED light tube to form a three-color pixel point, in the case of the same amount of LED light tube, virtual pixel display method than the real pixel display method of three color pixel point increased by four times. Due to the multiplexing of pixels, the display efficiency of the display points is improved, and the virtual pixel display method is four times sharper than the real pixel display method with the same number of points when displaying images.

  When displaying text in monochrome, the virtual pixel display returns to its real pixel counterpart in terms of display resolution because it cannot take advantage of the display relationship of adjacent pixels. For example, a virtual pixel screen with a dot pitch of 4mm is equivalent to a real pixel display with a dot pitch of 8mm when displaying text.

  C. Due to the high-definition analysis display of the virtual pixel display, it is also called as high-definition display.

  LED full-color screen classification.

  I. Indoor LED full-color screen

  PH2, PH4, PH5, PH6, PH7.62, PH8, PH10 several models (PH6 and PH7.62 are generally the mainstream of the market)

  Second, outdoor LED full-color screen

  PH10, PH12, PH16, PH20, PH25, PH31.25 several models (the mainstream of the market is generally PH12 and PH16)

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