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Analysis of Waterproof Problems of LED Tubes

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Into the 21st century, LED light-emitting tube because it has the advantages of energy saving, environmental protection, long life, has become the new darling of today's technology, as outdoor lighting LED guardrail tube (LED Tubes) light because of its colorful, changeable by people, has been in the water lighting, bridges, landscape engineering, architectural decoration and other occasions to try to get success, become the mainstream of outdoor landscape lighting products. LED light-emitting tube currently has O, D type and shaped three series of dozens of varieties, it is said that the national production of LED guardrail tube lights have nearly a thousand, only in Zhongshan every day there are thousands of meters of guardrail tube lights out of the goods, due to the Olympic Games and World Expo demonstration role, coupled with the product and municipal projects and government image performance, the application of its extensive development of unprecedented rapid, will drive the LED guardrail tube landscape lighting Market from a city to the second and third level cities to expand rapidly, and gradually form a new sunrise industry.

However, since the LED guardrail tube since the day it was born, it has encountered a variety of quality problems. First of all, because it is mostly municipal image project, is a government group procurement, which in addition to the government and other owners of the project low price bidding strategy, but also the lack of good construction and acceptance of the strict regulatory system, resulting in the "installed on the good, light up on the line" short-term behavior. From the manufacturer, because of its low technical content, low threshold of entry, many are home-based enterprises in the crude manufacturing, do not pay attention to product quality, just a low price competition and lead to the market barricade tube quality is generally poor, seriously corrupted the reputation of the LED guardrail tube. How to solve the LED guardrail tube light waterproof problem, is placed in the guardrail tube factory manufacturers, lighting engineering companies and owners of an urgent problem to be solved, in order to reverse the bad impression of the LED guardrail tube, re-shape its original glory.

 LED guardrail tube lights are mostly used for outdoor lighting, affected by the four seasons and the temperature difference between day and night, making the guardrail tube cavity produces huge pressure changes, there is an analysis shows a D50 * 50mm, length of 1 meter LED guardrail tube, the surface area of the tube is about 0.17 square meters, when the temperature from 25 ℃, rise to 45 ℃, this air pressure to the tube wall pressure of 6.8KPa × 0.17 square meters = 1156 Newton, about 118 kg of positive pressure. When the temperature drops to 17 degrees at night, the gas pressure inside the tube is 98.6KPa , compared to the negative pressure generated by atmospheric pressure is 2.725KPa, the reverse pressure generated is 463.25 Newton, about 47 kg of negative pressure. So LED guardrail tube light every day to be subjected to very strong positive and negative pressure alternating test, the actual LED lighting night project sometimes with the diameter of the tube is also large, the reality of the environment temperature changes more severe, China's northern winter -30 ℃ low temperature, the southern outdoor sunshine under the high temperature of more than 60 ℃, 90 ℃ of the big temperature change will give the guardrail tube inside and outside the formation of about 0.3 atmospheric pressure, which also It is not difficult to understand the conventional guardrail pipe plug will be installed soon after the opening or off into the water, resulting in circuit burn phenomenon is very common. Water at the plug, water at the line, cracked pipe into the water has long become the lingering shadow of the entire LED lighting industry, LED guardrail tube lights once the water, it is the same as the end of the life of the LED lamps and lanterns, the longevity of the advantages of the LED said into a bubble, as such lamps and lanterns are generally installed in the outdoor aerial, the operation is extremely inconvenient, the cost of repair and replacement is expensive, and even many times can not pass Project acceptance, some projects are just through acceptance immediately after the flower; all of the above guardrail tube waterproof has become a major technical problem of the industry.

LED guardrail tube light into the water in two places; one is the two sides of the plug, one is into the port, due to the guardrail tube wall is thin and soft, plastic tube pressure is easy to deformation, plug and into the port is difficult with the force, the general use of adhesive bonding, due to the adhesive and plastic tube solubility is not good, in the outdoor sun, wind and rain environment, soon open glue leakage; with rubber seal is not only time-consuming, laborious, pollution of the environment, more no Rubbish force, change down the pipe is almost impossible to repair. So people take a variety of measures: such as pc board full potting glue, installation of internal and external plug, active waterproof technology, ultrasonic welding technology and so on. The above technology plays a role to some extent, but from the system waterproof and tensile durability design can not fundamentally solve the waterproofing problem of the inlet and plug, because these two places not only require tight and require a certain strength and tensile force, theoretical and practical requirements plug pull force should be greater than 30 kg or more, out of the line of pull force should be greater than 10 kg or more (taking into account the construction of towing rubbish).

 UV is LED guardrail tube yellowing or cracking of the main reason, good quality products will use increased anti-UV materials, such as GE, Bayer and other materials, with poor quality or mixed water mouth material, talk about anti-UV, but also consider the choice of general pc or water mouth material internal stress, it will lead to natural cracking and chain fission reaction of guardrail tube, experienced companies will choose constant temperature protection and other measures when injection molding, in order to minimize the internal stress.

 My company for the above problem and launched "a LED waterproof guardrail tube" patented products, it has inside and outside the rubber ring can do double waterproof, waterproof level can reach IP68, long-term placed in the water under the work will not be permeable. This patented product does not use any adhesive and waterproof glue, odorless, pollution-free, labor-saving, labor-saving, time-saving. After O and D type two series of a variety of specifications of the guardrail tube to do pressure and high and low temperature repeated experiments, as well as a number of engineering examples, to prove that the waterproof plug and the shell can withstand hundreds of pounds of tension will not fall off, resistance to wind and rain, cold Department of exposure to the sun. The special products can withstand the strict test of 0.1MPa (equivalent to one atmosphere, 10m depth water pressure) inflation and water test pressure. It is simple to assemble, no strict requirements for tube extrusion deviation deformation, assembly random error; can fully replace the existing conventional LED guardrail tube (LED Tubes) waterproof components. This patented product, despite its simple structure and easy assembly, is not costly. There is a huge market prospect and considerable economic benefits, for enterprises to continuously improve the company's brand, increase market competitiveness provides a fast and feasible way.

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