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What kind of light are the lights in the classroom

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What kind of light are the lights in the classroom? What is the smart light in the classroom?

Early traditional classroom most commonly used straight tube fluorescent lamps (also called fluorescent lamps), generally according to the W number of different thick and thin points, the length also according to the power of the size of a variety of length. Power has 8W ~ 100W and other types of specifications. But why do classrooms now need to be transformed and replaced with special classroom lights and chalkboard lights?

It turns out that in 2018, the Ministry of Education and other eight departments issued a notice on the "comprehensive prevention and control of myopia in children and adolescents implementation plan", requiring "school classroom lighting health standards to meet 100%", people began to realize the importance of a healthy green classroom light environment, to understand the shortcomings of traditional classroom fluorescent lamps and lighting impact, we summarized a total of the following five points.

1, the traditional classroom commonly used fluorescent lamps selected low quality, low price, high energy consumption, the level of technology stagnant in the 1980s and 1990s level of fluorescent lamps and lanterns.

2, no design special chalkboard light, if the general classroom fluorescent lamps as a chalkboard light to use, not only the classroom chalkboard light intensity is low, low visibility, students will see the direct dazzle of the lamp when looking at the classroom chalkboard, easily lead to visual fatigue.

3, many classrooms dedicated to the application of inductive ballasts, there is a more serious stroboscopic phenomenon.

4, and most lighting fixtures choose soft hanging, electric fans and installed in the lighting fixtures on the top, electric fans and lighting when turned on at the same time, there are more serious lamp swing, lighting shaking condition.

5, many lighting fixtures choose high led color temperature (6500K) light color cold fluorescent lamps, light source excessive pale, hard, very easy to lead to student visual fatigue and emotional hyperactivity.

Now according to the national lighting standards for classroom lighting, classrooms with national standards of led eye protection classroom lights to have excellent illumination, no glare, high color rendering index, no light strobe hazards, moderate color temperature and no blue light hazards a total of six standards.

The biggest advantage of 100% LED classroom lights (electroplated grille models) is low glare, through professional optical design, LED classroom eye protection grille lights using small grille light surface, the light source hidden in the diffusion plate can well control the angle of light, the glare value UGR control in the following 16, really see light without light, greatly reducing glare, improve eye comfort and protect students' vision.

Furthermore, LED grille classroom lights are back light transmission can be achieved lamps up and down can be luminous, the top of the classroom at the same time will have a certain degree of illumination, the entire classroom up and down good light transmission, there will be no obvious up and down light and dark contrast, improve the entire classroom light environment comfort and light transmission rate and soft light, close to daylight color, can effectively protect students' visual health, to avoid visual discomfort and fatigue. Improve the light environment of the whole classroom.

More adjustable intelligent classroom lights: the new adjustable intelligent classroom lights can be divided into class mode, projection mode, activity mode, self-study mode, examination mode and class meeting mode. Each mode can be adjusted according to different scenes, single light or overall brightness and switch control. After professional design, the lighting arrangement and setting can fully meet the requirements of relevant national illumination standards.

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