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Installation method and precautions of LED underwater light

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Installation method of LED underwater light

First: first of all, for the selection of lights and lanterns, we should pay attention to the waterproof of lights and lanterns, power supply voltage, power consumption of a single light;

Second: calculate the wire diameter of the cable: the general underwater light is to use low-voltage safety voltage, which involves low-voltage and large current power supply will affect the voltage drop of the line. It is necessary to calculate the voltage drop at the end of each line and leave the redundancy in advance.

Third: the isolation transformer and leakage switch to power the underwater light must be arranged outside area 2 to avoid electric shock accidents;

Fourthly, whether it is installed in the open (bracket underwater light) or installed (embedded underwater light), a cable with a length of 0.6-1m should be reserved, so as to avoid the need to drain the water in the pool when the light goes wrong in the future, so that even if the light is broken, the light can be lifted to the water from the water to change the wiring and do waterproof treatment;

Fifth: As for other wiring, waterproof wiring connectors can be basically handled by ordinary plumbers and decorators!

Precautions for the installation of LED underwater lights

1. the LED underwater light shall be powered by DC constant current power supply. Under the control of constant current power supply, the forward voltage drop of LED wall washing light, LED projection light, LED underwater light and LED buried light will decrease with the increase of LED chip temperature, which does not have much influence on LED underwater light. However, if it is driven by a constant voltage, the current of the chip of the LED underwater light will increase with the increase of temperature, and even the LED underwater light may be burned in severe cases.

2. Anti-static measures should be taken during the installation of LED underwater lights. In the process of processing, production and installation of LED underwater light products, certain anti-static measures should be taken, such as grounding the workbench, wearing anti-static clothing, wrist strap and anti-static gloves. If conditions permit, an anti-static ion fan can be installed, and at the same time, the air humidity should be about 65% during installation, so as to avoid static electricity caused by too dry air. In addition, the antistatic ability of LED with different quality grades is different, and the antistatic ability of LED underwater lights with high quality grades is stronger.

3. Pay attention to the sealing of LED underwater lights. Poor sealing problems will directly affect the service life of LED underwater lights.

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