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How to choose Lighting when decorating

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Lamps as the main decorative element of the living room space atmosphere, is an indispensable object for modern homes. Different kinds of lights can create different light and shadow effects and show different expressions of the living room.


Chandelier is the most traditional living room lighting, suitable for relatively high enough space, otherwise it is easy to top to the head, and looks depressing. Chandelier styles are rich and diverse, no matter what style can find the appropriate design.

PS: It is recommended not to buy too complex design, not only is not durable, and cleaning is also very troublesome.

2,Fan light

Fan light is a relatively special chandelier, the combination of two different functions of the electrical appliances together, each separately controlled, not only practical and convenient, but also plays a decorative role, a unique retro beauty.

3,Ceiling light

The height of the ceiling lamp size is small, can save the height of the floor, and the overall simplicity of easy care, soft light, is the first choice of many practical school decoration.

Ceiling lights try to choose a pure color, such as linen, white, simple and versatile; at the same time refuse strange and complex shapes, the more simple the shape is not easy to go out of fashion.

With the change of people's aesthetic style and home quality, many people no longer pursue the gorgeous main light design, but more concerned about the good atmosphere created by local lighting.


In recent years, it is popular to have no main lighting in the living room, and downlight is one of them. Through the distributed design of multiple downlights, it can make the living room lighting even, comfortable and bright.

According to whether the ceiling has a ceiling, downlight can be done open and concealed; no matter which installation method, the overall sense of space appears very simple atmosphere, suitable for modern style, minimalist style living room design.

The dotted light source embedded in the ceiling is scattered everywhere, a bit like the stars in the night sky, easily creating a soft and warm atmosphere in the living room, while occupying a small space, visually more open.

5,Track light

Track lights can be said to be an evolutionary version of downlights, by adjusting the position of the lamp head and lighting direction, to bring a flexible and elegant bright lighting effect for the living room, so that the light and shadow atmosphere of the space is unique and temperament.


Spotlights are more flexible than downlights and can be freely adjusted to enhance the local light. Because of its excellent spotlighting effect, it is generally used to highlight or emphasize decorative details, so that objects have more texture, such as sofa backdrops, bookshelves or decorative paintings.

7,Lighting strip

The installation of the light belt, usually hidden in the ceiling ceiling slot, mostly used in the ceiling four sides, through the diffuse reflection of light as lighting, forming a visual sense of contrast between reality and reality, so that the living room as warm and comfortable.

Light with a bright and generous sense of hierarchy, to enhance the quality of the living room is very effective, and hidden design, can make the top surface looks more simple and clean, visually appear higher.

8,Floor lamps

Floor lamp is a popular choice, often referred to as "sofa companion". A very design sense of the floor lamp, can enhance the entire living room decorative effect, while not losing the warmth and sophistication, is a master of the atmosphere. It has a novel style and a variety of styles, which can be matched according to different needs and designs at will.

Floor lamp usually has a lamp base, bracket, lamps and lanterns of three parts, simple structure, easy to move, the user can move and adjust according to their needs at will. As a family of local lighting, need to be used with other lamps and lanterns to meet different needs.

9,Combination lighting

With the prevalence of minimalist style and the restrictions of floor height, the design of no main light is popular with the public, combining auxiliary light sources such as rail lights, downlights or light strips to match each other. The light is even, bright and dark, layered, practical and exquisite.

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