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The Importance of Illumination

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LED Indoor Lighting

All 3 types of light; task, general, and accent should be layered for the ultimate effect. General light (including sunlight) should light all areas of the interior evenly. Task lighting illuminates specific areas, such as a reading corner, kitchen preparation area, desk, bathroom vanity, or sewing center.

Lastly, accent lighting is used to accentuate an aesthetically pleasing feature or draw attention away from less attractive ones. It is important that all these elements work together harmoniously. Brighten up rooms by using all three layers of lights together to completely transform a space.

Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor area lights make the exterior of a place look more dynamic from the sidewalk, giving it that extra special curb appeal. Illuminating pathways allows for outside entertainment and reduces certain risks by illuminating dark areas. Outdoor lights offer great security too. By illuminating entryways, dark walkways, and garages, potential intruders can easily be spotted. A well-lit exterior will discourage criminals from setting foot on a property.

Commercial & Retail

Proper placement and usage of light will help a business stand out. The way light is set will either present an inviting or an unwelcome tone to a business environment. It draws the attention of customers to products and creates lasting memories in the minds of all who visit the office. Light fixtures and accessories play a huge role in mood lighting.

The decorative light design can be used to invoke nostalgic feelings. For example, using a string of small white lights in a winter holiday display can invoke childhood memories in customers. This is great for attracting and retaining customers.

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