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Precautions for choosing Chinese-style living room lamps

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We all understand that chandeliers are often used in the decoration process in hotel halls, living rooms, restaurants and other different scenarios, usually can give air and elegance. In recent years, the new Chinese style style in China wind logically, modern Chinese lamps and lanterns are also gradually favored. Modern Chinese style chandelier, is in one of them.

The first point of style is to be put in the first place. Simple European style, matching the European classical lamps and lanterns, the new Chinese style, the corresponding plus new Chinese lamps and lanterns, do not "match".

In accordance with the protection grade of GB/T20138-2006/IEC62262;2002 electrical equipment shell against external mechanical collision, this standard is only applicable to the shell with special requirements for external mechanical collision protection classification.

All normal conditions, the installation of modern Chinese chandeliers high width ratio, its minimum value from the road not less than 2.two meters, otherwise, it is very easy to give a sense of oppression, and can not achieve the best lighting fixtures actual effect.

(New Chinese living room decoration style chandelier) The final point.

1, is to see the small pendant on the lamps and lanterns, it is to install all the net weight of the lamps and lanterns, the quality of the small pendant is very important. In general, cost-effective lamps and lanterns on the side of the metal pendant most on the thick side.

2, to see the chandelier on the side of the laminated glass or imitation of the quality of amethyst, to pick from the color, chroma on the material good.

3, is to see the chandelier goods related spare parts such as plastic, this point is the key point, but how to choose a chandelier is very important point, good plastic with excellent insulation layer, anti-ignition role, which is all home security must ensure, so this point is very important, the second good raw materials are not easy to crack, not easy to lose color these, this is all its characteristics, customers in how to choose chandelier decorations must pay great attention to the.

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