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Different Types of LED Lights

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Different Types of LED Lights

LED Ceiling Lights

These fixtures provide general illumination. In the past, it was common to see white tubes, bulbs, and chandeliers as the basis for ceiling fixtures. These days there are plenty of options for ceiling lights. For example, we have LED recessed ceiling lights, downlights, pendant lights, spotlights, and LED strip lights that can now be installed.

LED Stair Lights

Stairways and other interior features can be enhanced by the modern placement of step lights. These stair lights are not only excellent for decorative effect but also for safety. These lights can be placed; on steps (on the bottom side of the tread), mounted on the staircase wall, or placed on the banister or handrail.

LED Cabinet Lights

There are a variety of light fixtures that can be installed on the underside of cabinets. Cabinet LED lights are ideal for rooms where cabinets are installed. In a kitchen, under-cabinet illumination complements the main overhead kitchen lights. They are useful in providing focused illumination in a workspace area.


Lamps showcase authenticity and beauty when placed in particular settings. They come in different designs and have different light outputs. Lamps are traditionally associated with being just table lamps.

Now we also have floor lamps, which open up a room by creating a sense of heightened space. Lamps create intimate space as they draw attention to the smaller areas of a room.

Neon Signs and Lights

These are great for business advertisement. Neon signs and lights are undeniably attractive and eye-catching. They offer high visibility and look dazzling in the nighttime.

These lights have a long life span of up to 12 years. This makes them cheaper and more energy-efficient to run.

Outdoor LED Lighting

When the sun sets and it's night time, these lights turn on. They provide a warm ambience, enough light to eat by,and a measure of safety along dark paths. Outdoor lighting products can be made up of a combination of overhead, wall, and table fixtures.

Also, they may come in the form of solar lights, floodlights, garden lights, outdoor wall lights, and floor lamps. It is imperative to pick out the right type and style for each application.

LED Light Fittings & Accessories

The majority of light fittings & accessories available on the market today are LED-based lights. LED Lights have proven to consume 4-5 times less energy as compared to normal electric bulbs. They are capable of garnering 20000-50000 hours of light power. This makes them ideal for commercial and home lighting use.

They may be used for LED Strip Lights, LED Bulbs, & LED lamps, and LED car lights.

Vintage Lights

To get that classic rustic feel, install some vintage lighting pieces. Before electricity, vintage lighting products were originally made from porcelain, metal, or glass shades to protect candle flames. With the advancement of technology, different types of metal and glass shades have been created to accommodate light bulbs.

Some vintage pieces can mimic the functionalities of a gas lamp, teamed with an incandescent or filament bulb. The right light will give an incredible vintage gaslight effect to a setting.

LED Dimmer Lights

Create a soothing and relaxing atmosphere by installing LED switches and dimmers. The beauty of this LED technology is lower energy bills each month. There are many other benefits to consider when choosing to install dimmable LED lights. These benefits include longevity, convenience, comfort, efficiency, and safety.

These are ideal for study rooms and are designed to be easy on the eyes. Reduced eye strain will facilitate greater productivity.

Set the tone of a bathroom by installing bathroom lighting that complements the overall home lighting design layout. Dimmer switches go well in such rooms. They can be installed in study areas, bedrooms, dining rooms, or living rooms.

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