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wide range of lighting options incandescent, halogen, and LED for pools and spas

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LightsLighting offers a wide range of lighting options incandescent, halogen, and LED for pools and spas. Pool and spa lights are available in many different options and features such as cord length, voltage, and wattage.

LED or Light-Emitting Diode is a semiconductor light source. When current passes through it, it emits light. LED bulbs are capable of multiple colors. LED lights consume significantly fewer watts, equaling lower energy costs over time. LED lights use a lens diffuser to prevent the hot spot normally associated with incandescent and halogen bulbs. LED pool and spa lights offer not only white lights but color-changing varieties as well including solid color and multiple color-changing light shows. Color changing LED lights enhance any pool and spa, allowing the ability to control them using an optional controller or automation system. If an additional controller or automation system is unavailable, the colors and shows can be changed by simply turning the power to the color changing LED light fixture on and off. LED lamp assemblies come in 12V and 120V versions.

Incandescent bulbs and halogen bulbs when installed will create a hotspot and then the light fades as the light travels through the water. However, incandescent and halogen lighting uses more watts in electricity, making them cost more to operate in the long run.

Incandescent bulbs use a wire filament heated until it glows. The wire is enclosed in the bulb protecting it from oxidation. Incandescent bulbs will be a soft white color. Standard incandescent lights offer a lower initial price when compared to LED light options and are still widely used in many applications today. When replacing an existing light fixture, it’s recommended to use the correct manufacturer specified niche to accommodate the light fixture that is being installed. Most light niches and light fixtures come in large pool light and small spa light sizes. For example, the outside diameter of a large pool light fixture would be 8 - 10 inches. The outside diameter of a small spa light fixture would be 4 - 6 inches. Another thing to note is making sure the correct cord length selected is going to be long enough for the application. It’s best to order a longer length than you need if you are not sure if the cord is long enough. You can’t extend the cord length on a pool or spa light.

Halogen Bulbs use a tungsten filament and a small amount of inert gas and halogen gas (either iodine or bromine) when current is passed through the bulb it provides high luminous output and color. Halogen Bulbs will glow bright white in color. Halogen light fixtures are commonly found inside smaller fixtures as the bulbs inside are much smaller than the larger floodlight style incandescent bulbs. Due to the smaller threads that halogen fixtures use, they are not compatible with LED light bulb replacements.

If you are installing a lamp assembly that is 12v it is important to note that they need a transformer to convert the 120v to 12v to power the lamp assembly. Transformers are sized by the wattage they are able to cover. Ensure that you get a transformer that is capable of accommodating all the light fixtures being installed.

If you are only looking to replace the light bulb in your current fixture, we have a great selection of incandescent, halogen, and LED bulbs to choose from. If your existing pool or spa light fixture has an Edison base or R40 style threaded bulb inside, there are LED light bulb replacements available, allowing you to easily upgrade! Whenever the light fixture is taken apart to change and replace the bulb, it’s recommended to always replace the light lens gasket as well. This helps to ensure the light to have a clean and complete seal.

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