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What's wrong with the dazzling lights in the classroom?how to solve it

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What's wrong with the dazzling lights in the classroom? 100% lighting teaches you to solve

Have you ever had this feeling, in the late evening or late study classroom lights open a moment always feel a little blinding and shaking eyes feel a little dizzy.

In fact, this is because most of the traditional classroom lighting fixtures are widely used exposed T8 fluorescent lamps, that is, the lamp is exposed outside the lampshade, there is no barrier in front of the lamp, eye protection lamp light directly in the eyes of students. The light feels blinding and dizzy because T8 fluorescent tubes have bare light glare, strobe, blue light and other visual damage to the eyes, where glare is the reason we feel blinding.

Glare is a bad lighting phenomenon, when the brightness of the light source is very high or too much difference with the surrounding brightness, it will produce glare.

High brightness is the source of glare. Prolonged exposure to glare can lead to blindness. Due to the stimulation of the eye, especially the lens, by bright light, damage to the vitreous body causes a photoelectric reaction to some extent, clouding and degradation of the vitreous body and a significant loss of vision.

Glare will cause discomfort to the eye, leading to visual fatigue, long-term glare in the environment will also cause myopia, damage to the eyes.

Especially for adolescents, who are more vulnerable to glare than adults, their eyesight will be easily damaged and even suffer from eye diseases. Students spend long hours at school and often stay in the classroom with harsh classroom lighting, which not only affects the quality of students' classes, but also seriously affects the health of students' vision.

Because of the seriousness of the problem, which concerns the bright future of children, causing the state and schools to pay great attention to the Ministry of Health of the People's Republic of China and other relevant departments promulgated a series of standards and policies such as the "Health Standards for Classroom Lighting and Lighting in Primary and Secondary Schools (GB 7793-2010)".

The company has set up a professional classroom lighting design team to develop and manufacture special lamps and lanterns for classroom lighting: LED classroom eye protection lamps (grille models) and LED chalkboard lamps, and has obtained a number of honorary certificates such as national 3C certification, national energy-saving certification, high-tech certification, and new practical patent certificate.

100% LED eye protection classroom light (grille model) through professional optical design, using cold-rolled plate electrostatic spraying, light source bottom light, light diffusion plate with anti-glare grille, the light source hidden in the diffusion plate can well control the angle of light, LED eye protection classroom light out of the surface of the small grille, the glare value UGR control below 16, really see the light without the light.

Use 100% eye protection LED classroom lights light color more real, not only anti-glare, anti-blue light, lighting is also uniform, high color rendering index, the real realization of eye protection, greatly reducing glare, improve eye comfort, students will not be eye fatigue and aversion to school psychology.

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