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Choose a suitable bedroom lamp to create a comfortable sleeping environment for your home

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Choose a suitable bedroom lamp to create a comfortable sleeping environment for your home

Whether the bedroom decoration is comfortable to live with, the lamp is particularly important. However, for the bedroom with what lights, many people are troubled, because there are too many kinds of lamps on the market. So, let OTL lighting editorial for you to introduce the bedroom with what lights and how to choose bedroom lights, for you to solve the problem!

Ceiling lights are more common, and can well illuminate the entire bedroom space, the lighting requirements of the higher friends, you can choose ceiling lights as bedroom lamps. The main role of wall lamps is to create the atmosphere of the bedroom, to do local lighting. This light line is soft, small families are more suitable to choose wall lamps. Floor lamps in a variety of styles, there are European, rustic, modern and so on, can be well matched with the decoration style.

Chandeliers are used less in the bedroom, but chandeliers can break through the traditional design concept, fully reflecting the design concept ahead of its time. You can choose the light according to the bedroom style. If the bedroom is a classical style can choose European crystal lamp, so with a more ancient and elegant, if the bedroom is a modern minimalist style, you can choose a simple, stylish ceiling lamp.

According to the shape of the bedroom to choose lamps and lanterns. Some owners will increase or reduce the size and shape of the bedroom by changing the bedroom pattern. Therefore, before choosing a chandelier must pay attention to the shape of the bedroom and try to choose a chandelier that matches the shape of the bedroom. Lampshade color needs to take into account the bedroom walls and furniture, lamp color should strive to harmonize, so as to make people feel comfortable and warm.

You can look at the thickness of lamps and lanterns to choose lamps and lanterns. If the bedroom house height in 2.8-5 meters or more, you can choose thick-shaped chandelier, if the bedroom house height in 2.8 meters, it is best to choose thin or proportional type of chandelier. If the bedroom area is small, you can choose ceiling lights, if the bedroom area is large, you can choose crystal chandeliers or large ceiling lights, crystal lights are more suitable for the bedroom, the light source is softer.

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