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Why are radar sensor lamps widely used in underground garages?

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Radar induction LED tube not only high sensitivity, covering a far area, 360 ° no dead angle, can penetrate non-metallic objects, independent of the temperature, the environment. Even if the underground garage temperature of 37 ℃ or more, the induction distance will not be shortened in any way. Fast response, the sensor is built-in, and ordinary lamps and lanterns, and the probability of false triggering is small, in the parking lot speed of 20-25km / h, the car is 8-10 meters away from the lamps and lanterns can be triggered, so that the sensor light from 30% to 100% brightness or full extinction to full brightness 100% brightness.

Car left after a delay of 15-20 seconds automatically shut down, to achieve the effect of energy saving, so that it can also extend the service life of the electrical appliances, safe and convenient! Radar induction led daylight composition is divided into led light source, drive power supply, induction small plate, heat dissipation aluminum, creating low power consumption, long life, high brightness and environmental protection; in addition to being used in underground parking lots, can also be used in: warehouses, corridors and other public places that require long time lighting.

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