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The different about the led panel Lights and Troffer Lights

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LED Panel lights is designed for both residential and commercial applications. This type of lighting fixture is made to replace conventional fluorescent ceiling lights, and designed to mount on suspended grid ceilings or recessed ceilings.

LED panel lighting delivers a smooth and flawless wall of illumination without visible bulbs or hot spots.

Their versatility allows them to be mounted on numerous surfaces and used in multiple applications.  Whether you want to replace your existing T8 fluorescent troffer light fixture or start a new construction project, panel lighting is an innovative and energy efficient alternative. 

What different ways can I use panel lighting?

Due to their sleek design, panel lighting is good for various commercial and residential applications. Here are just a few!

Homes,Offices,Hotel Lobbies,Restaurants,Retail Stores,Marketing Displays,Supermarkets,Hospitals,etc.

How does LED panel lighting compare to traditional fluorescent or incandescent light bulbs?

Acrylic Light panels are much more durable than your traditional light bulb and longer lasting. LED panel lights can last up to 17 years, assuming usage is around 8 hours a day, while an incandescent light bulb or fluorescent light will only last a fraction of that time. Compare CFL's vs. Halogen vs. Fluorescent vs. Incandescent vs. LED

They come in a variety of brightness and wattage, which makes them great for kitchens, hospitals, offices, gyms, schools, and so much more. Although LED light bulbs seem to be all the hype right now, commercial contractors are moving towards LED panel lighting for their sleek and modern look.

Here are a list of pros and cons!


Flexibility in design
Large in size
Ultra slimLower low output (brightness)
High brightnessLess effective power saving capabilities: 8 watt LED lamp offers the same brightness as 12 watt panel light
Color Options
Environmentally Friendly
Dimmable Features 
Emergency Features
Shatter Resistant

What is the difference between an LED Troffer lights and a LED Panel lights?

LED panels are used to replace your existing fluorescent ceiling lights. They require less space due to their slim profile and straight edge. LED troffers, however, are rectangular light fixtures that are designed for a modular dropped ceiling. They generally require more space for installation, but can come in a variety of style options. 

LED Panel Light Fixtures: 

LED Troffer Light Fixtures:

The first generation of fluorescent troffers were a nightmare. The light output was low, the color level was unpleasant, the costs were way too high, and not to mention that excessive flickering. Today, the innovative technology of LED lighting has encouraged a switch to a high-performing and cost-effective alternative. 

Which panel light should I choose?

We offer a large selection of flat panel lighting for your convenience. They come in a variety of brightness, color temperature, and wattage. Whether you decide to retrofit or replace your existing fluorescent light altogether, Lights&Lighting has got you covered!

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