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Battery Operated Emergency Lights: Get Your Home Ready For The Next Power Outage

In 2019, 15 million Americans experienced a power outage in their home. Having your home thrown into sudden darkness can be DISTURBING, SCARY, and DISCONCERTING, especially for the very young or old. When the lights go out, life goes on-hold until you can get light back into your life.

How do you do that FAST? Sure, you can light candles, but try resting easy knowing there are open flames burning in your home. For peace of mind and that all-important light during a power failure, there's a better solution:

When the grid lets you down, battery operated lights step-up

The Exit Light Co power failure lights provide reassurance in those times when a natural disaster or your utility company is responsible for a power outage in your home. Safer than candles, the Exit Light Co range of battery powered lighting helps you get life back to normal and light back into your home.

Be ready for blackouts with our range of battery operated lights


Battery Operated lights are Essential for finding your way around the house during a power outage.


These lights provide reassurance for anyone who doesn't like the dark. Power failure nightlights automatically switch on during a power outage, and motion sensors switch on the light when movement is detected.


These lights provide bigger and stronger sources of portable light than flashlights to bring light to larger areas of your home.

Brighten up your next power failure!

Our businesses, schools, hospitals and everywhere else you look have Power Failure Emergency Lighting Systems. Why shouldn’t your home?

Don’t be left in the dark during the next power outage from either the utility company or any number of natural disasters that can strike at any time. Our collection of Power Outage Flashlights, Nightlights and Lanterns have been manufactured with Emergency Safety in mind.

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