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Emergency & Exit Lighting

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Emergency and exit lighting provides illumination and direction to guide people out of buildings during a power loss or other emergency. Commercial and industrial buildings require emergency lighting that complies with local safety codes. Emergency light fixtures automatically switch on when power goes out and illuminate pathways toward exits. Remote head emergency lights extend lighting coverage from a remote-capable emergency light or exit sign. Combination exit signs and emergency lights are all-in-one units that mark exits and illuminate escape paths. Lighted exit signs hardwire into an electrical system that keeps them lit to mark exits and passages toward exits. Self-luminous exit signs stay lit without electricity, batteries, or external light sources. LED exit sign retrofit kits convert lighted exit signs from incandescent or halogen to LED. Emergency lighting accessories and batteries maintain or enhance the performance of emergency lights and exit signs.

Emergency Light Fixtures

Remote Head Emergency Lights

Combination Exit Signs & Emergency Lights

Lighted Exit Signs

Self-Luminous Exit Signs

LED Exit Sign Retrofit Kits

Emergency Lighting Accessories & Batteries

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