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In case of fire, exit signs save lives. Emergency Lighting features a variety of exit signs to comply with building fire codes and insurance standards. We offer a wide range of designs and features including: architectural edge lit exit signs, decorative die cast exit signs, low cost exit signs, rugged steel exit signs, NEMA rated wet location exit signs and time saving self testing exit signs. Check out our entire list of emergency light brands and exit sign brands.


Functioning emergency lights are required to comply with state building and fire codes, insurance, and even OSHA standards. EmergencyLighting.com offers low cost, energy efficient emergency lights to meet a variety of applications including: commercial emergency lighting, decorative architectural emergency lights, remote capable emergency lighting, concealed or hidden emergency lights, and wet location emergency lighting.


If you need parts or accessories for your exit signs and emergency lighting systems you are in the right spot. If you can't find what you need one of our emergency light experts can help you find the parts that you are looking for. In some cases however it is cheaper to replace your older systems with new more efficient led products.

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