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How to choose home lighting,How to plan home lighting

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How to choose home lighting

Choosing LED lighting for a home can be a daunting task. With everything from recessed lights to oversized and intricate chandeliers in the mix, one way to start is with the ambient lighting - those lights that will be the main source of light for a room. Often, selecting a unified style of ambient lighting that features throughout the home is preferred.

How to plan home lighting

Lighting is an important, functional aspect of any home. In most cases, your design professionals will put together a lighting plan and specify individual fittings and systems. However, lighting can be used to feature or highlight certain areas or aspects within a room, fittings can be used as pieces of art, and functionally, focused areas of lighting may be used for specialised tasks.

It's always best practice to take some time and consider how each room in the home is likely to be used and who will beusing it. Consider things such as whether a particular piece of art should be illuminated, whether an entertainment area or media room should have the option to change the levels of light, and whether a work area or desk needs specific focused lighting. Ensuring clarity around use and function ensures the right types of lighting are used in the different areas of the home.

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