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Commercial Emergency LED Lighting

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Emergency lighting is typically found in commercial and high occupancy residance properties and is designed to either remain or come on in event of a mains power failure. This means that walkways, stairwells and service rooms can remain well lit to enable evacuation, prevent accidents and avoid injury. LED emergency lights comply with health and safety guidelines, with emergency exit lights offered to illuminate and guide occupants to the nearest exit. LED emergency lighting is a popular option for energy efficiency, particularly in large buildings where cost savings can be significant.

LED Emergency lighting is essential for commercial locations to meet local and state regulations in the event of a power loss and ensure safe paths of egress down hallways and stairwells in an emergency. Thankfully, we have the lights to meet those requirements and more, from Lights&Lighting to building fire codes to insurance standards. Basically, we have the lights to help you light the way to safety.

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