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Architectural & Design Grade Emergency Lighting

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Emergency Lights for Architects, Engineers and Lighting Professionals

Architects, Engineers and other Lighting Professionals who are designing Emergency Lighting Systems require these sytems to be modern, attractive and reliable. When designing a Lighting System, you want the best looking, best performing, and best priced emergency lights. Our architectural exit signs and emergency lights are a collection of our most versatile, decorativee and visually appealing units.

High End Exit Signs

More than just the standard white plastic exit sign, premium exit signs don't detract modern designed interiors and exteriors. Comply with state and country mandated fire code laws without sacrificing beatuy with Architectural Exit Signs.

High End Emergency Lights

When specifying a Lighting Schedule you need to trust the brand and the product. A high end emergency light from the Exit Light Co is the prefferred choice for high end and modern commercial buildings.

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