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Most High bay lights are IP20 on the market. Some end users always find water, dust or insects come inside of it, which influence the life time greatly.

Luckily, Lights&Lighting new D series LED high bay light can solve this problem. Its IP rating can reach to IP65, which is tested by professional waterproof test machine under a hot state 24 hours. No mater dust, insect, water, nothing can come inside of it.

Sounds awesome, right?

That`s not all!

All in One Design - Simple design make it easy to handle, install and maintain.

They excel -- AL6060 Aluminium Material with 170-230 W/(M.K) High Thermal Conductivity and Scale-Design Cooling finsenlarge the heat radiating area ensure a better heat dissipation. Why we are so confident about it? Eg. It's tested under extreme temperature machine under -50℃-80℃ to ensure It work properlyaging test, we also do temperature detection of important part of lamp, such as led chip, inductance, MOSFET, lamp body and so on. Lights&Lighting D series Good anti-corrosion coating which can past 24 hours salty spray test allow the product working well in the coast cities. Well control of the light temperature and anti-corrosion painting guarantee the long life span (30000 Hrs).

Energy Efficiency and Brightness -- 100W 150W and 200W different powers are for you to choose. These lights operate at anenergy-efficiency of 100lm/W tested by goniophotometer at our dark room. Comparing to the old traditional one it can save energy up to 70%.

Lighting Effect -- High CRI and R9> 0 (tested by voltage sphere) can make the subject under light more colorful andshow the true color. With this feature, Lights&Lighting UFOs can use in the supermarket, restaurant and make the goods more attractive.

Cost -- All the components are made by us except the screw and led chips. We have a goods control of the Cost.

Certificate -- This light is CE and RoHS- Certified and come with 2 year warranty. If there is other Certificaterequirement in your country, we can also offer accordingly.

Service: We also offer IES file for clients who doing project so that you can simulate the real lighting environment for the project and reach to the international standard.

Using Lights&Lighting D Series IP65 High Bay Light, you'll enjoy a convenient, efficient, powerful,durable and widely used industrial and commercial lighting.

How Lights&Lighting support?

1-Unique design-Opening our mould & Offering competitive price.

2-Marketing support-Varieties of promotion gifts provided.

3-Showroom support-Design& decoration support

4-Exhibition - Design&samples

5-Unique packing design

If you are new to the lighting industry, don't worry, we are here guiding you step by step.

If you are a long time in the lighting industry, let's become stronger and stronger together.

Welcome to join Lights&Lighting family.

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