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Slim Ip65 High Bay Light

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Slim Ip65 High Bay Light Overview

Slim Ip65 High Bay Light

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Flicker, faint light, half-bright, does your high bay light get these problems before?

So high ceiling, replace a new one or maintain the old one, must be very troublesome? Time-consuming and labor-intensive!

High bay light solution for industrial and commercial locations, like warehouses, gyms, barns, and supermarkets. It offers broad light distribution for these large areas, where have a common point, the ceiling is quite high.

In such using area environment, high bay light always suffers from high temperature. Especially for the outside warehouse with an iron sheet, environment temperature plus high thermal conductivity iron sheet, The "poor high bay light" is often worked at extra 100 degrees.The lights with the driver installed on the upside suffer more, according to the principle of "hot gas upward",the heat dissipation of the lights fixture itself, and the environment temperature, the driver has been in heat caused short lifetime.

Checking Lights&Lighting new IP65 high bay light!

Driver on board program replaces the Driver installed on the upside. No fear of "hot gas upward." All we need topromise is the temperature rise of key components is within the design range. After the temperature rise test of the key components and the whole lights in the 55-degree high-temperature room for one year, we can guarantee superior heat dissipation and durability. Of course, the material of ultra-thin die-cast aluminum is also the key to ensuring heat dissipation.

IP65 waterproof rating of high bay lights can be used for all indoor or outdoor conditions, perfectly use in any dry, humid, wet locations. Such as factories, warehouses, shops, workshops, manufacturing plants, garages, stadiums, supermarkets exhibition halls, gymnasiums, storage areas, grocery stores, and other large industrial and commercial spaces.

The special lens with an 80-degree beam angle, long irradiation distance, high light intensity, provides clear, Uniform lighting of what's below it with little glare.

You can choose an aluminum reflector according to your needs, which allows the light from the lamp to flow directly to the floor at a smaller angle.

The high bay light is easily installed to the ceiling with the 50cm length Safety Hanging Chain included makes the light more stable and safe. The fast 3-minute installation process will save you the headaches and frustration that other light installations cause.

Slim Ip65 High Bay Light

Of course, the ultra-thin die-cast aluminum lamp body is also a big advantage. Don't forget the crazy sea freight. Ultra-thin is a trend also an advantage.

Lights&Lighting, always your ideal choice for led lights.

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