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Integrated adapter driver LED Track light

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Grade:企业会员1 YRS

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Address:Xiebian Development Zone, Xinnong Xinsan Road, Danzao Town, Nanhai District, Foshan, Guangdong, China

Integrated adapter driver LED Track light Overview
Matt white / Matt black / Silver

370° rotatable

Integrated adapter driver

Lens, reflector, honey comb are optional

Private mould, 5years warranty high quality

Integrated adapter driver LED Track light picture:

WLUMBeam AngleCRIIPCCTDimensionLEDDriver
15140015/24/4080 or 90203000K or 4000K φ77.5*170.5*165CITIZEN Philips
30270016/24/40/6080 or 90203000K or 4000K φ89*179.5*220CITIZEN Philips

WLUMBeam AngleCRIIPCCTDimensionLEDDriver
30240010/15/24/36/6080 or 90203000K or 4000K φ85*92BridgeluxPHilips
18140015/24/36/6080 or 90203000K or 4000K φ70*77BridgeluxPHilips
1290015/24/36/6080 or 90203000K or 4000K φ60*67BridgeluxPHilips
756015/24/36/6080 or 90203000K or 4000K φ45*65BridgeluxPHilips

WLUMBeam AngleCRIIPCCTDimensionLEDDriver
30270016/24/40/6080 or 90203000K or 4000K φ85*108BridgeluxPHilips
15150020/40/6080 or 90203000K or 4000K φ70*90BridgeluxPHilips
12120015/25/38/6080 or 90203000K or 4000K φ60*67BridgeluxPHilips
770020/40/6080 or 90203000K or 4000K φ45*65BridgeluxPHilips

Integrated adapter driver LED Track light size:

WLUMBeam AngleCRIIPCCTDimensionLEDDriver
20160010/15/25/3080 or 90203000K or 4000K φ85*79BridgeluxPHilips
1080010/15/25/3080 or 90203000K or 4000K φ70*64CREE PHilips

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The relevant Integrated adapter driver LED Track light information/pictures/parameters,etc.by the member Foshan Sunshine Lighting Co., Ltd. provide,You can browse on this page Integrated adapter driver LED Track light relevant information/pictures/prices, etc. and provide Integrated adapter driver LED Track light merchant company profile,contact information and other information.More information,pls contact email [email protected]

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