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20W 40W 60W Eye Protection Upgrade T Bulb

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20W 40W 60W Eye Protection Upgrade T Bulb Overview

20W 40W 60W Eye Protection Upgrade T Bulb parameter

PowerLumenDIMProduct Size

Replacing the bulb Frequently, wasting time and money, annoying!!!

Protecting eyes is a top priority, does it hurt eyes?

You may feel confused why the bulb always got a problem, especially high-power T bulb, 2 months, 3 months, one year at the most, the reason is the heat dissipation surface is too small to difficult control the temperature rise of key components. Most manufacturers respond to this problem by increasing the cost of materials to reduce the temperature, but the price is too high for the market to accept, and then reduce the power, which of course is not desirable, belongs to fraud.

Checking creative EYE PROTECTION T BULB made by Lights&Lighting. Bringing you fresh visual experience, and solve the pain point of the market.

Structure: added one cover made of aluminum, upgrade special shape, not only for lighting but also for decoration.

20W 40W 60W Eye Protection Upgrade T Bulb

How to ensure good heat dissipation?

This increases the heat dissipation area, the entire aluminum surface can dissipate heat, plus a high thermal conductivity aluminum plate can control the inside temperature well, the temperature rise of key components within the design range. At the same time to ensure compliance with the European standard power range.

Superiority in heat dissipation can replace the traditional T-bulb everywhere. with the lamp holder, which also can be used in the traditional downlight fixture.

Amazing it can protect your eyes also!!!

Light determines your life. It can be functional, emotional, stimulating, or relaxing. Each area of your living has different lighting requirements. To feel really comfortable, you should pay attention to the lights choose. Lights&Lighting enhances the sense of happiness and comfort brought by lighting.

Checking the planar intensity distribution curve, how uniform it is!

The strong beam Angle and weak beam Angle almost zero error distribution, which will bring soft and comfortable lighting, protect your eyes, avoid eye fatigue, and promotes concentration, so it can be your choice for reading room, bedroom, lounge bar, tea bar, office and so on. In the meantime, the uniform planar intensity distribution curve is beneficial to the simulation of lighting design

Meanwhile high CRI, R9>0, light can effectively restore the color of the object itself, It is the best choice for fruit section, seafood, vegetables, and so on in the supermarket. Match colorful dedicated hang-off line, a beautiful decorative lamp will come.

Be creative and imaginative!!!

Be more marketing-oriented and mindful of customers!!!

Lights&Lighting Description

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