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Shenzhen Hotook Industrial Co., Ltd.

Patent Resin Filled LED Pool Light, Surface Mounted LED Pool Light, Par56 LED...


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Established in 2010, HOTOOK is located in the high-tech city of Shenzhen.HOTOOK has gained a reputation as a professional supplier of O E M & O D M products, focused on premium Led Underwater Lighting. Whether your needs are for Swimming Pool, Spa, Fountain or Outdoor lighting, HOTOOK can provide the solution. Our product has approvals as: I P 6 8, C E, RoHS, F C C, U L, S A A, C-tick, R C M HOTOOK's decade of experience, in the Led field, is bolstered by a R & D team. Which is dedicated to continually develop and refine our product lines and gain the satisfaction and trust of our international customers. From production/assembly machines, to aging an IP68 testing equipment, HOTOOK has invested in the technology to build high quality and value into our products. This commitment to excellence has allowed us to offer warranties up to 3 years.HOTOOK's Patented All-In-One Led pool lights are designed for universal niches, worry-free installation in concrete, fiberglass, ... [Detail]
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