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Tuya Artificial Blue Sky Led Skylight Home Commercial LED Panel Light healthy sunshine light

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Address:Floor 3, Bldg. 3,Electronic Commercial Park,Shuitian Road,Shiyan Town,Baoan District

Tuya Artificial Blue Sky Led Skylight Home Commercial LED Panel Light healthy sunshine light Overview

Lamp Power(W)





Lamp Sizes

L600*W300*H185 mm

L600*W600*H250 mm

L1200*W600*H250 mm

L1200*W300*H185 mm

L1150*W140*H112 mm


Tuya Artificial Blue Sky Led Skylight Home Commercial LED Panel Light healthy sunshine light Quick Details

Application:Warehouse,Residential,Hotel,Office, Bedroom,Living Room,Apartment,Hospital,Villa,Hotel

Color Temperature(CCT):2700-6500k

Lamp Body Material:Aluminum

Input Voltage(V):AC 220V

Lamp Luminous Efficiency(lm/w):75

Lamp Luminous Flux(lm):2500lm


Working Temperature(℃):-20 - 40

Color Rendering Index(Ra):>90

Certification:RoHS, ce

Light Source:LED

Support Dimmer:Yes

Control Mode:APP Control, Remote Control, Voice control


Lighting solutions service:Project group sales, Lighting and circuitry design, auto CAD layout, Project lighting design, Project Installation

Design Style:Modern

Lifespan (hours):30000

Working Time (hours):30000

PCs/ Ctn:1

Packing Dimension:650*390*220mm

Product Dimension:600*300*185mm

Product Weight(kg):3.5

Shade material:acrylic

Free sample:NO

Shade color:off-white

Shade Shape:rectangular

Product name:blue sky light

Feature:Simulate sunlight,indoor light, nature light

Function:you can see the blue sky all the time

LED Light Source:LED

Suitable for:nature blue sky lovers

Installation:integrated ceiling , pre-embedded , embedded

Control:Tuya Smart APP

Lighting Modes:wake up, morning, noon, dusk, moonlight

Appliance:any room,you want to see blue sky


Artificial Sunlight Simulation Skylight

Experience the sensation of sky in the new, compact High Tech Light.Its advanced internal optical components create an image of diffuse sun at an infinite distance, with the perception of boundless space being heightened by reflections of the sun in the inclined frame.

Tuya Artificial Blue Sky Led Skylight Home Commercial LED Panel Light healthy sunshine light

Blue sky smart home lights

1. Mobile Tuya App control, there are four basic sky effects in morning, noon, evening and cloudy, and can also be adjusted manually;

2. LED close to full spectrum performance

3. The same as the Coelux technical route, focusing on the concept of smart sunroof.

4. Easy to install and use.

5. Keep you living in sunshine with nice mode, enjoy the blue sky when you want?

People never stop chasing the sun.

Simulates the high color rendering index of sunlight with RonGYANG light, the true color of the object is better restored.

Simulate sunrise and sunset, with the lighting experience of "sunrise wake up" and "sunset lights on" synchronized with natural light.

Simulate the blue sky and sunshine. With the blue sky light, use technology to put "sunshine" into the home.

LightsLighting smart Sky (Tuya) allows you to set up the Light to replicate the gradually changing colors of the day so the sensation of daylight can be reproduced in settings where natural light is lacking.

Seasonal Change Adjustment Function

Simulate the light of sunrise and sunset of the sun,synchronize the lighting experience of "sunrise wake up"and "sunset wake up",

you can also enjoy "blue sky" and "sunset" at home

Voice Control

RonGYANG Smart Sky Lights can work with the Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant.

Also work with the Xiaomi smart voical device.

Q1): Why the light is sky blue, but the light is warm sunlight, is there a blue film attached?

A1): It's too naive. The light coming out like this is also blue. The principle is the same as that of an advertising light box.The really high-tech things are all on that piece of glass, with a nano-scale titanium dioxide coating to simulate Rayleigh scattering, the light is scattered on the glass, it looks like the glass is sky blue, and most of the light can penetrate the glass, Therefore, the light is almost unchanged, and obviously, the method of sticking the film will not work.

Q2) : Will this light tan people?

A2): No, it's just a light.

Q3): Can this lamp dry clothes?

A3): No, it's just a light.

Q4): Can this lamp promote photosynthesis?

A4): Yes

Q5): Is this light dazzling?

A5): If you stare at the sun without glare, this light won't glare either ^_^.

How can developers not think of dazzling problems? Therefore, the light-emitting method of lens projection honeycomb diffusion is used to avoid the problem of glare to the greatest extent. It is only dazzling when looking at the light-emitting point from the lighted place. Other viewing angles are only "blue sky", and the light is mainly projected on the wall, so there is no need to use Worry about glare.

The length and width are the same as 3060 kitchen and bathroom lamps (the size of the first generation is slightly larger

600*300mm), the aluminum buckle ceiling of the keel can be installed directly, the height is less than 20cm, occupies less floor height, and has wider practicability; there is no aluminum buckle In the place where the ceiling is suspended, it can be installed with a hanging rope. Both installation methods support the installation of multiple units.

Installation distance and height

The beam angle is 48°, and the ideal installation distance (see the figure below) a:b≈1:1.7, because I can’t make holes, the actual wall height is 290cm, the lamp is 170cm away from the wall, and 270cm away from the ground, which is not ideal. The effect, the real shot is as follows:

The small black circle in the center of the wall is the probe of the spectrometer. The actual illuminance measured from the distance in the above picture is 1153lx, which is more comfortable.

The spectrum is shown in the table below, a typical LED spectrum.

Color Tolerance: Excellent level of only 0.8 (ANSI C78.377 650K).

The marked color temperature is 7000K, and the actual measurement is 6893K, which is the normal deviation range.

At first, I kept thinking why use 7000K color temperature? So I started to ask myself:

1) When is the sky bluer?

2) When is the blue sky more beautiful?

3) What kind of blue sky is more relaxed and happy to stay in?

The answer given by myself is the blue sky after the rain.

Looking back, isn't the blue sky light just the blue sky and sunshine that simulates the clear sky after rain? This may be the intention of the developers. Looking at the "blue sky" of Qingkong Lantern, is it the same thing?

How to install Tuya Artificial Blue Sky Led Skylight Home Commercial LED Panel Light healthy sunshine light:

Three installation methods: integrated ceiling type, pre-embedded type, embedded

Lights&Lighting Description

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