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IP67 IK10 180LM/W High Lumen led outdoor area street lighting Customized Color Design

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IP67 IK10 180LM/W High Lumen led outdoor area street lighting Customized Color Design Overview

IP67 IK10 180LM/W High Lumen Led Outdoor Area Street Lighting

1. 30w 40w 50w 60W 80W 100W 120W 150W 200W 240W 320W optional, up to 180lm/w, IP67, 7-10 Years warranty
2. wide choice of optics, type II,III IV, 60°, 90°, 120° light distribution

3.super smooth surface, snap type design, free-tool maintenance, labor cost saving, bubble level with easier installation

4.Intelligent deisgn with LoRawan, Zigbee, photocell, motion sensor,etc

5. grey / black / white color housing are available

LED Street Lights-EOS is reliable solution that delivers substantial energy savings compared with conventional fixtures. Flame Retardan Salt Spray test, Suitable for street lighting, area lighting, highway lighting, parking lot lighting applications. Depending on the area, you can choose 40-320W led street light to replace 150W-2000W HPS,MH,HQI.

Model NO.PowerLED ChipLuminous Flux
Lamp Size (mm)G.W.(KG)Package Size(MM)/PC
EOS-SL5030W-60WLUMILEDS 5050180lm/wT2M,T3M,T4M,60°/ 90°/120°°568*200*109mm5.7KG623*255*150mm
LUMILEDS 3030150lm/w
EOS-SL10080W-100WLUMILEDS 5050180lm/wT2M,T3M,T4M,60°/ 90°/120°613*240*109mm6.3KG666*295*150mm
LUMILEDS 3030150lm/w
EOS-SL150120W-150WLUMILEDS 5050180lm/wT2M,T3M,T4M,60°/ 90°/120°683*260*109mm7.5KG736*315*150mm
LUMILEDS 3030150lm/w
EOS-SL200180-200WLUMILEDS 5050180lm/wT2M,T3M,T4M,60°/ 90°/120°693*300*109mm8.2KG736*315*150mm
LUMILEDS 3030150lm/w
EOS-SL240250WLUMILEDS 5050180lm/wT2M,T3M,T4M,60°/ 90°/120°693*300*109mm8.5KG747*355*150mm
LUMILEDS 3030150lm/w
EOS-SL300300W/320WLUMILEDS 5050180lm/wT2M,T3M,T4M,60°/ 90°/120°793*300*109mm9.8KG846*355*150mm
LUMILEDS 3030150lm/w

1. Simple installation with convenient adjustability of Outdoor LED Street Lights

Mounted horizontally or vertically with our slip fit system.

Simply detach and rotate the slip fitter 180° to achieve the vertical orientation.

Simply rotate 15° or more .

2.  Die-casting Aluminum materiel + Self-cleaning of Outdoor LED Street Lights

The smooth body washed the dust away automatically by the wind and rain, long lifespan

The street light body is advanced aluminum, and adopts the hollow design, the heat dissipation performance is good.

Isolated driver
Die-casting aluminum
Slim design

3. waterproof and Highly resistant housing protection of Outdoor LED Street Lights

Ensuring EOS LED street lights can operate in harsh environments.

4. Optional daylight sensor of Outdoor LED Street Lights

EOS LED street light will automatically turn on at dusk, automatically turn off at dawn, more energy efficient and convenient.

5. Diffrent Beam angle for your project of Outdoor LED Street Lights

Roadway Type-II , Type-III Photometric distribution curve

6. Application of Outdoor LED Street Lights

1. Residential Complex

2. Small traffic round - about

3. Lighting of secondary roads / side roads

4. Parks & gardens • Security lighting

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